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Probably the most talked about new band in Cambridge.
Hibachi Dealers have cropped up on the discussion forums of several famous bands.
And the questions everyone is asking is ...

What on earth is a hibachi?

The answer is that it is a Japanese cooking pot - the name seemed appropriate as at the time two members of the band were married to Japanese ladies. They are still married they have just drifted out of the band.

That's sorted that out - what else do I need to know?

Why are people talking about the band?

While we were rehearsing our list of potential songs was available on the Web. Anyone asking Google about one of our potential songs found our site near the top of the list - in some cases as high as second - we have eclectic taste.

Where did you get the name?

The name comes from a Weird Al Yankovitch song - "Everything you know is wrong". This was suggested as a possible for the set - but as the Hibachi Dealer sound crystallized, we realized that it did not include this one.

What do you play?

Our orignal songs range from flamenco/metal fusion (Dulcinea), through post punk (Fluffy kittens) and space rock (Afterburner) to power pop (Better Days). We have over an hour of original material and are adding new songs regularly.

We can also play a range of covers as well as a number of traditional tunes done in our distinctive style. While we cannot play all night, we can entertian you for most of an evening.

Who are the Hibachi Dealers?

The line up of the Hibachi Dealers is an area of swirling chaos. After remaining stable for over a year, the line-up seems to have entered a web of flux.

The current line up is:

Where can we see the Hibachi Dealers?

May 25th - The Man on the Moon Cambridge

Support from Didiac and "Free Love And the good plant"

July 22nd - The Man on the Moon Cambridge

Support from One Mile High and another tbc


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The Hibachi Dealers are available. They will play wedding, barmitzahs etc. as well as pub, clubs and parties for a reasonable fee - though if it is not in easy reach of Cambridge we may need to add expenses.

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